Apple Sauce Eye Cream



Grandma Susan said :’ Apples is a magic DIY for eye puffiness .

If you are a fan of apples and potatoes ,then you will be satisfied with this DIY eye cream.


One small grated potatoes

3-4 tablespoon Apple sauce unsweetened

Plastic bowl

Damp cloth

Method :

Mix grated potato with applesauce , cover it with plastic Ziploc bag or food plastic cover and put it in the refrigerator for five minutes .

Now after it chilled , remove plastic cover and apply the mixture to your eyes area but avoid the eyelids.

Lie down and place damp cloth over your eyes and take a quick cat nap for 10-15 minutes .

Wash the mixture with cold water  .

Do it twice a week and make this eye cream  fresh every time for better results and in order to

preserve the freshness of the ingredients .

If you don’t have apple sauce just boil three pieces of apple and mush them.



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