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feeling, thinking, doing

Remember to think F.T.D. 1. Feeling 2. Thinking 3. Doing 1. Feeling: Your heart physically makes you aware of your “real feelings.” Is it heavy, joyous, sad or perhaps racing? Listen to your-heart, it

John Paul Ataker


Swarovski is the shine

  Swarovski is the shine of every crystal they creat it’s sparkle the eyes with the quality they put in each crystal they use Swarovski Elements – a leader in the fashion industry Swarovski

To keep our kids safe

If you are a parent, then you understand the urgency of wanting to keep your kids as safe from danger as possible. But what many parents tend to neglect is what is right under



Ariel Winter and Justin Bieber’s song

Ariel Winter posted a few pics of herself on Twitter. One of them has a caption that simply says, “❤” and another has the lyrics to Justin Bieber‘s song ‘As Long As You Love Me’: “I’ll

Keep your pets safe

 Christmas is fast approaching and you want to keep your pets as safe as possible from any potential hazards that come with the holiday season. Conversely, you also want to ensure that your pets
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