Black Pepper and Lemon Seeds Hair Mask

Howdy Ladies,
I need to add volume to my hair and I asked Grandma Susan for help ,You know what she told me .
Black pepper powder …I was like what the hell is she seriouse ..balck pepper …how come …she told me : Black pepper and lemon seeds are  known to be good for adding volume and length to the hair
try it and then we will talk I decided to give it a try …and “wow” what a mask wonderful..
lets get started .


1 teaspoon black pepper powder
1 teaspoon lemon seeds  …when I use lemon I save the seeds and ground them.
Few drops olive oil .


 Mix all ingredients together until you get  thick paste. Now apply this paste onto the scalp and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off the mixture with some lukewarm water and wash your hair with mild shampoo.

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  • Angelica

    Oh wow really…will try this!!

  • sidra

    just about to try !! :D

  • luna

    First time I hear of this, but I’ll give it a try since I have all the ingredients.
    Thanks for sharing


    how often should i do it??

  • http://None Clarhonda Waiters

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • http://None Clarhonda Waiters

    Miley it sounds like lemon pepper to me but I’ll try it!!! By the way I love your Daddy ^_^

  • http://facebook roslynn

    Did anybody try this?

  • Aishwarya Patel

    Hey hello can you please tell me What is black pepper powder..?

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