Candice Olson – Bedroom – Design – is Full of Warm and Calm Color


Candice Olson is very well known designer, she concern about the bedroom and other interior room decoration development, and today I’d like to show you something about Candice Olson bedroom, you may ever hear about this, Candice Olson is the nominee on the most creative categories on the Time magazine award 2010, here I have some of Candice Olson bedroom picture, take a good look on the picture, you can see the design is different with the other it has an identity, Candice Olson design is always combining more than one elements, you can see there is modern and classic elements on the bedroom design.

it’s very important to concern about the details of your bedroom, for example, you may need to add more decoration in order to create romantic theme on your bedroom, and this romantic Candice Olson bedroom can be the right reference, romantic theme is full of warm and calm color, so you better make sure you choose the right color scheme for your bedroom, adding more romantic ornaments, add more curtains, change your old with better look and nice decoration curtains, flower can change your regular bedroom drastically, and don’t forget about the candles, this little thing can really bring a great changes to your bedroom.

It really suitable for those of you who really like more than one themes on your bedroom, some design is designed to be classic, the reason is simple, just try to feel and memorize the past, some nostalgic atmospheres can be experienced, and don’t forget about the unique, unique thing can be found on classic and old design, but however, you really need to be updated, and this modern Candice Olson bedroom design can be the best solution for you, is not just about the design, it’s also concern about the comfort  and better bedroom experience.



















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