Carrot & Banana Hair Mask – Deep Conditioning







How about giving a deep conditioning mask treatment to your lifeless dull hair every weekend?


How about bringing back that lustrous shine? You don’t need to spend much ,


some natural and colorful things from your kitchen can do that job so perfectly and of course without any chemicals or preservatives.


Come let us make a rich and deep conditioning hair mask with carrot and banana extracts.


This mask do wonders in developing the texture and softness of your hair with regular usage.


Follow the simple preparation and usage tips below! Let your hair shine like stars.


Things you will need –


1 carrot


1 ripe banana


2 tablespoons of creamy yogurt


Few drops of Olive oil


Two teaspoons of honey (Optional)




Preparation –


Boil the carrot and cook it until soft.


Cut the boiled carrot into small pieces.


Cut the bananas in the same manner as well. Collect both the pieces in a small bowl.


Add the yogurt, olive oil and honey to the bowl. If you do no like the sticky feel, avoid the honey.


Honey is meant to add extra shine to the hair. Blend everything together with a blender until smooth.


Your homemade deep conditioning banana and carrot hair mask is all ready to use now!


Usage Directions


Comb your hair gently and start applying this hair mask covering the entire scalp.


Cover your hair with a clean shower cap and leave on for 45 minutes to 2 hours.


Let the natural ingredients work on your hair and scalp well.


Later, rinse your hair with lots of clean water and a mild shampoo.


Make sure to rinse your hair without leaving any residue.


Blow dry to see your magically lustrous and soft hair!


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