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monistat 3 as Moisturizer

Howdy my friends . Today I was upset because I misplace my moisturizer. I couldn’t find it . I was so upset I sat in my room thinking where did it disappear ? I

healthy scalp

    Castor oil known as the best for hair even eyebrow and eyelashes For a healthy scalp, oiling is very important. Apart from coconut oil which is considered to be good for hair,

Fenugreek for long hair

  Fenugreek     seeds         can do wonders to your hair . Just soak  half a cup fenugreek seeds overnight in water and grind it well. add some of it’s water to

Peach mask

The benefits of these ingredients on your skin: -Rich in Vitamin A, E, and D -Tightens the skin -Hydrates the skin -Balances the oil and bacteria that cause acne -Promotes skin’s ability to rejuvenate

Wow so cute

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