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Home Made Lip-Gloss – How To Do It

Hi Divas, If some of your eyeshadow or blusher broken keep them and make your own home made lip-gloss . Place broken shadows & blushers in a container  break up shadow/blush until powdery Adjust

Urban Decay has released its summer 2015 collection

  Hi Divas. Urban Decay has released its summer 2015 collection. were immediately drawn to the eight new shadow shades — mostly because they were so mesmerizing we couldn’t look away. Six of them

Silver and Gold Metallic Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

  Hi Divas, I saw it and I was like Summer is around the corner we need it for the beach. Silver and Gold Metallic Temporary Jewelry Tattoos. Silver and Gold jewelry temporary tattoo

Classic Statement Necklaces

    The Classic look  The best way to jazz up a classic look into something a little edgier and ritzier? Add on a statement necklace. If you’ve got your grandma’s jewelry box to

Warts In The Most Secure Way – Get Rid Of Them

  Hi Divas, Warts – almost 40% of the population is familiar to warts. Popular methods of treatment for warts are generally safe. it is necessary to check the sensitivity of the skin to


Makeup is an everyday fashion, it is not dictated by trends but rather by choice. Some makeup trends are funny, others make a statement, while some are a form of art.

Lady Gaga ‘s Nail Polish

    As usual it’s hardly a day passes without the star Lady Gaga have something whether because of her clothes or makeup or her actions, and here is she continuing to do so
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