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Carpet Cleaner That works Like Magic from Your Own Kitchen

      Hi Divas, My daughter asked me if I know any idea how to remove a capri-sun stain from the carpet , I said yes because I remember my Mother DIY to remove stains it

Natural Shoe Polish !

Hi Divas, How are you all doing , hope all is going well , Here is  a Nice Hint how  To polish your hubby shoes or boyfriend or maybe your dad….Or maybe yours the high heels that


  A luxury designer who traditionally doesn’t entitle his heels. If you’re wearing one of his designs, and someone asks who are you wearing? You answer, Tom Ford. That’s all that needs to be said. Spring 2014

Nurit Hen Bridal Collection 2014 – Wow – Is Not Enough

    Luxurious fabrics and Swarovski crystals are spun into magical dresses making each Nurit Hen original a sight to behold. gorgeous wedding dresses by Nurit Hen 2014.  Nurit Hen is an Israeli designer. Israel has been

Talbots flats my favorite

  Talbots company offering us a flexible shoes that is very comfortable and unique, this Fall 2013 shoes you can see below comes with flat which I myself prefer for day time . Below are some of

Yes — To Blazers This Summer Season

      Hi Divas, As we know Summer word when we mention it my imagination go to  a hot muggy day . When I say Blazer also you will say ..What …in this weather …hell no


    The 2013 Louboutin Bridal Collection is amazing ,you can see a lot of designs that fits your needs. Louboutin bridal shoes is generally accompanied by a trend that can add comfort and chic feminine touch
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