Charlotte Olympia: Gorgeous and Amazing Shoes

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Designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal graduated from London’s Cordwainers in 2004 and spent time at Ungaro

and Giambattista Valli before launching her eponymous London-based shoe brand Charlotte Olympia in 2007

The one-of-a-kind designs of the high-heels from the line are amazing, with variations from metallic to piano print designs.

This designer always has mind-blowing shoes; however the Fall  line actually takes you to new heights, quite literally.

It’s a huge risk to have these sorts of textures and designs on a shoe. Luckily Charlotte took that risk for the AW11 and did she ever win!

The designs are outrageous, yet still ready-to-wear.

It just does not get any better than Charlotte Olympia if you are into sexy shoes and the AW11 line is simply blowing your

mind.  Imagine having to pick just one pair when they are all this sexy……

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