Chocolate mask for all skin type





Oh my God …Grandma Susan Say’s to me: I want you to spoil yourself with chocolate mask

it’s a nice treatment for  all skin type and you will smell delicious even though you are married do it while sitting watching TV ..

Chocolate mask make your  skin  soft a   ,fresh  and smells  good.


Three tablespoons of plain yogurt.

Two tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Two tablespoons of moisturizing cream.

Two tablespoons of rose water.


Mix the ingredients together well until you get  creamy mixture .

Put on your skin  using a brush or cotton ball .I used a banana peel lol 

Leave  it on  for 20 minutes and then wash  with lukewarm water.

 Now touch your skin  it’s so soft and smell delicious ………. Chocolate.


You can do this mask every week ,or when you are invited to a party ,

wedding.. etc.  It’s an emergency mask.

Thank you Grandma….

If you have any allergy to any one of the ingredients skip it girl.



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