Coconut Milk For Damaged Hair




Coconut milk is the answer for every hair problem you are facing.

It contains vitamin E and fats which are very beneficial for hair and also promote hair growth.  I found my hair so dull and damaged.

Then my Grandma advised me to use coconut milk twice a week. And now I am in love with my hair.

Coconut milk has been known to particularly help people who are facing hair problems.

How to extract coconut milk:

  1. Take fresh coconut and grate it with the help of coconut grater.
  2. Take a cheese cloth or muslin and put some grated coconut on it and squeeze out the milk in a bowl.
  3. After squeezing all the milk, filter the milk to avoid the grated particles of the coconut.
  4. Then preheat a pan, and pour the milk into the pan and cook it for 3-5 minutes. After this, allow the milk to cool down and then freeze it for a night.

How to apply coconut milk for hair growth?

  1. First detangle your hair properly.
  2. Then take a cotton ball and dip it into the milk. Cotton is going to ease up the whole application process.
  3. Apply the milk on your scalp, hair and tips. After this, use your fingers to massage your scalp. Scalp massage is good for blood circulation and hair growth.
  4. Then tie up your hairs and cover them with a hair cap. It’s going to naturally heat up your hair and also prevent the milk from leakage.
  5. Leave your hair for 4-5 hours, so that the milk enters the root of the hair.
  6. Wash it with your favorite shampoo.
  7. After shampooing, condition your hair.



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