Coconut Milk Mask For Dry & Damaged Hair




Coconut milk Mask For Dry & Damaged Hair


 Grandma Susan provides us today with coconut milk mask ….
This mask is for damaged and dried hair from coloring or the weather …

Now it’s summer and we always go to swim and as you know the salty water damage and dry our hair so I recommend you to use it after swimming   in the sea or the pool  because also the pool has chemicals that damage our hair ..If you don’t have coconut milk use mayo ..but next time you go shopping get one coconut milk  can… it is amazing for your hair..


One Avocado
One can coconut milk…


Mix and mash one ripe avocado with coconut milk until smooth mixture …Apply  thoroughly into wet hair then wrap with warm towel or cap shower.If you have very damaged hair then use the dryer to heat it or you can use heat cap.
Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water….

You can use this mask once a week till you see your hair get back to life..



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