Coffee to reduce cellulite


Coffee may help you get rid of cellulite,

if you use it as a scrub. Caffeine which is found in coffee is the active

ingredient of many anti-cellulite creams.


If you have 10 minutes:

Take about half a cup of coffee and go in the shower.

Add a little bit of hot water to the coffee until it looks like a paste.

It is best to shower with warm water because it

will help the caffeine to penetrate deeper into the skin.
Take some coffee mixture in your hands and using

a circular motion, massage the affected areas (buttocks, thighs).
Massage for about 5 minutes, then rinse it.
The best effect is achieved if the coffee is rinsed with cold water.

The cold water will shrink your pores and will make your skin tighter.

If you have 40 minutes:

Take half a cup of coffee, mix it with hot water until it looks like a paste, then add 2 teaspoons of olive oil or rosemary oil.
Put old newspapers on the floor to protect it and using a circular motion rub the mixture into the skin in places where you have cellulite.
Then with a plastic kitchen wrap, wrap the areas on which you applied the mixture.
Sit down and relax. Within 30 minutes while the caffeine is doing its job, you can listen to music, read a few pages from

a book or see a favorite episode from some series. It is proven that relaxation helps against cellulite.
Finally, wash the coffee mixture with warm or cold water.
After this coffee treatment, you will immediately notice that your skin is smoother and softer, and over time you will notice that the cellulite is reduced.

! Important: 
Clean your shower as soon as you can, because coffee can darken it.

Brushing your skin is an effective and simple way to reduce cellulite.

With brushing you improve your circulation, and you also remove dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin.

As a result you will get softer and smoother skin, and cellulite will start to decrease.

Get a body brush with soft hairs and start to brush the skin while it is dry. It is best to do this before showering.
Start from the feet and go up to the thighs and buttocks. Do not use strong pressure.

Lemon juice helps in the process of melting the cellulite. In one cup put the juice of one

lemon and to the rest add lukewarm water. If you have an intolerance to sourness, add a teaspoon of honey.

Drink the prepared lemon juice 2-3 times daily. Consumption of lemon juice by itself will

not help you get rid of cellulite, but in combination with massage, brushing and other methods it gives excellent results.



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