Cucumber to soothe and soften the skin

Do you know   that the use of cucumber to soothe and soften the skin is the best idea   … You know why? For the simple reason that  cucumber contain the same pH of your skin .  For  bloated face especially from sleep  here is the best mask ever to solve this puffiness  

method of use:

Half cucumber cut to pieces (with skin)

Three teaspoons of fresh  hazelnut

Two tablespoons of distilled water

How to prepare and use:

– Put all the ingredients in a blender until a smooth mixture.

– pour the mixture through a drainer to remove all  solids ingredients, then put toner in a clean bottle with a tight lid.

keep in the refrigerator to use  for the duration last for several weeks.

Put it on the skin using a small cotton ball

Leave it on for fifteen  15 minutes and then  wash with warm water
If you suffer from swollen eyes put two slices of cucumber on them for several minutes, which is a classic and easy way to get rid of this problem.

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