Dark and puffy under eyes treatment from your kitchen




If you have dark and puffy under eyes circles you should use this
tip.from your kitchen tea bags and chamomile bags or leaves.you can use both.
All you need chamomile bags or tea bags and hot water.
Place chamomile bag in a glass of boiling water if you have
Leaves just boil water lets say a cup and add two teaspoon chamomile
Leaves let it stay for ten minutes to cool.same with the bags if you used it.
Then a little spa at-home take each bag and cover entire eye area sit five minutes
And then use one more time when you soak it in the chamomile and repeat .
If you used chamomile leaves take a piece of cotton the one you using
To remove nail polish soak it in the chamomile and cover your entire eye area sit for five minutes and repeat .. try to do it for fifteen minutes.
Your tired eyes will be instantly refreshed and the puffiness will disappear
For the black circles you should use this tip every day to see results .
Good luck..
Susan Elbasel

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