Disneys’s Magic World……….World of Color


“World of Color” currently gives new life to the Disney California Adventure theme park, providing visitors with a

great reason to enjoy its attractions by day and stick around to take in an incredibly satisfying show by night.

And as long as Disney follows through with plans to revise the show over time, creating Halloween,

Christmas and other new versions, guests will keep coming back to see it time and time again

World of Color” is a tough show to describe. Is all about sights, sounds, and feelings?  Disney’s most fun with both

projecting animation sequences onto screens made of water. Some compare it to the water show at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas,

as both feature fountains “dancing” to music. But Disney has added that magical “wow” factor to “World of Color” that no other show have.

From the first moments of spying smaller fountains lighting up in a rainbow of vibrant colors across Paradise Bay

to later head turning sequences involving 200-foot tall streams of water stretching as wide as 380 feet, it’s all an impressive,can only be described as Disney magic.

The most memorable “World of Color” moments include watching the Genie from Aladdin send twinkling fountains

ping-ponging back and forth across the water, being taken aback by Buzz Light year battling a convincingly

three-dimensional Emporer Zurg made of lasers, and staring in awe as colors seemed to gather, float, and swirl in the air as

Wall-E and Eve dance across the night sky.The crowd become touched by an inspiring Pocahontas scene and saddened

by a particularly memorable moment from The Lion King.Plan your next vacation to Disney and you will never regret it.


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