Dove Soap body whitening mask …wow you should give it a try..

خلطة تبييض مضمونه وسهلة

Hi Divas,

 We always talking about ways to  whitening the skin , either the face or the body this is the most important things that are  women wants to know about,

so I  decided to do a   research for beauty and I tried it myself. this mixture is  useful.
Dove mixture is  whitening and bleaching  makes  skin softer and very smooth .


– Dove Soap grated
– Half a cup of rose water
– 5 tablespoons Glycerin
–  three drops Lemon juice
– 5 tablespoons sweet almond oil
– Lotion any kind you love I used Victoria’s secret divine lotion


– Soak soap in rose water throughout the night.
– Put the mixture with soap and rose water on the fire until it becomes creamy.
– Add the almond oil and glycerin and keep flipping.
– Put the soap mixture aside and add lotion
– Put the mixture in a glass case.


– spread the mixture on your body and leave it for about  4 hours.
– wash your body with wash cloth and hot water .
– Wash the the foam with lukewarm water.
– Dove mixture the more you used it the more your skin gets better and faster result.

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