Dress that reach Global Level for It’s Color

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Hi Divas,

For the past half-day, people across social media have been arguing about whether a picture depicts a perfectly nice bodycon dress as blue with black lace fringe or white with gold lace fringe. And neither side will budge. This fight is about more than just social media—it’s about primal biology and the way human eyes and brains have evolved to see color in a sunlit world.

Kathleen McNeill  from Scotland and  her fiance  didn’t agree on the first base color of the dress, so she  decided to take the views of friends and followers on  Facebook. The dress  reach global level to know the color of the dress  Even on Twitter .

While Kathleen McNeill announced that the correct answer  about the color of the dress: Black and Blue!

Interpretations of the results has also entered the field of trading, so that some considered that the difference psychological reasons, while others put it in the context of color reflection in the eye and different interaction with daylight between the individual and another light.

What do you think ?


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