Dry and damaged hair mask…works perfect

Dry and damaged hair is a problem faced by most women and for the treatment of this problemoffer you an easy mask  to prepare at home.This mask works to treat damaged hair
Mask avocado and mayonnaise:

Mayonnaise is made from oil and eggs, which are components of very good to moisturize the hair. As the fat content found in avocados makes less hair drier and less likely to break.

2 tablespoon mayonnaise 
  half avocado
mix 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise with half wellmashed avocado in a bowl until the mixture becomes strength creamy  Spread  this mask all over your hair  and Focus on the ends of the hair.
Use a wide-tooth comb to spread it nicely.

leave it on for 20 minutes and wash with warm water and shampoo
use this mask once a week for three month and see the difference ..After the hair getting healthy keep doing this mask once a month,

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