Etiquette for a Lady -Being a woman does not automatically make one a lady


Being a woman does not automatically make one a lady.

Being a woman does not automatically make you classy.

If you want to be treated like a princess, and date a gentleman, then you need to act like a lady.

A lady has to know all the rules of etiquette.

It all began with a little rules.what it means to ‘be a lady’ is lost among the sea of messages of what one wears,

what one talks about, who she hangs out with or where they dine, holiday, hang out. That is hardly so. 

Etiquette was written for people who lived in the royal courts and castles

on ‘how to behave’. They were probably members of the royal family, privileged cousins and royal staff.

Being a lady is simply nothing more than extended manners to every part of your being, a way to be kind,

an organized way to go about your life and interacting with people.
Manners are kindness.

How to be a lady…is to be the kindest woman in the room. It is true elegance.

True, a lady should employ herself in personal grooming, dress well and learn etiquette.

However if you are without a kind heart and thus without manners,

people will see through your actions as fake unfortunately.

Think about it and be a ONE that’s not hard.





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