Etiquette Manner -Table Manners

Table manners, if followed nicely, can add taste to the food and the wholesome dining experience.

It not only makes the guest feel good and cared for, but the host too gets complemented and feels good.

It also makes the dining experience hassle-free and everyone gets their due attention.


  • Do not interfere is someone else is talking, wait for them to finish. Even you have to prove a point, wait.
  • Do not put your left hand or elbow on the table. Use left hand only to cut the food then slide it down.
  • If it gets urgent for you to leave the table, politely ask for permission from everyone, while you are seated. Do not stand up and ask.
  • Match your pace with everyone else so that you don’t finish your food too early or too late.
  • Help ladies put their chair in place.(for men )
  • Most important thing is that you should thanks and complement the host for food, service and atmosphere. You may also complement on decor.

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