Eye Lahes and Baby Powder Secret




Hi Girls,

Since I need false eyelashes for my prom I searched the internet and found the trick powder all over the screen

So decided to try it without asking my Grandma for help let see if this works .



Mascara of your choice, a fluffy shadow brush and baby powder. I used Johnson & Johnson.


Apply a single coat of your favorite mascara
Before your first coat dries, lightly tap on baby powder using your brush.

Warning: do not do this while wearing contacts. Make sure to coat every one of your lashes with the powder.

Now apply a second coat of your mascara on top of the baby powder, coating each lash carefully.

Make sure that no white lashes are left behind, you don’t want to look like you have grey lashes

Let your mascara dry with the baby powder on.

And Boom! You suddenly have lashes.

By the way I liked the Lashes without the powder what is your thinking ?





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