Feet – Scrub – Using – Grape Seed Oil


Well-groomed female toes

Make your own refreshing feet scrub with  sugar in the raw, grape seed oil
and vanilla essential oil


3 cups of raw sugar

1 cup of grape seed oil

20 drops of vanilla essential oil or peppermint oil

one fresh lemon or lime


In a medium bowl add sugar and grape seed oil.

Mix them well together ,now add the essential oil , I used peppermint oil , and mix them very well.

Cut a lemon or lime in half to apply sugar scrub (if your skin is too cracked just use your hands).

Then get a bowl of warm water and some soft dry towels.

Apply the sugar scrub to the lemon and scrub away.

When you’ve done enough scrubbing, rinse your feet well

and dry them with a warm towel. Apply your favorite lotion

You can use this scrub for  your body before your shower .

Especially the knee and elbow area ,you also can use a half lemon for your elbow and knee.

If you have a very sensitive skin don’t use lemon replace it with grapefruit.

If  you have left over scrub just put it in glass jar and save it for the next time use.



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