Floating Yacht Islands


A number of organisations and companies have  begun developing plans for floating cities, including a concept that would house 50,000 people in a floating lily pad-style island with the outside layer reacting with UV light to create an air-purifying effect. One plan, from the Seasteading Institute, hopes to create floating cities as a way to allow new, sustainable communities to be built outside the governments of existing countries.

All these ideas have been growing in popularity as property becomes increasingly expensive and in-demand. The ORSOS Island won’t be unveiled until 2013, but interest and orders have already been high, said ORSOS management assistant Jacqueline Jackson. The company is even considering chartering the island to make it more affordable for the masses.

“It’s human nature to want to pioneer new places,” said Randolph Hencken, senior director of the Seasteading Institute.

What separates floating islands from your run-of-the-mill mega-yacht is the feeling of actually being on land, yet living on the sea. Most floating islands aim to be sustainable and exist off the world they’re floating on top of. The ORSOS uses solar panels, wind power, and heat recovery from seawater to produce its own energy, which powers the island, converts seawater into drinking water and treats wastewater. ORSOS has no motor either; a tugboat or cargo ship is needed to change your vacation location.

Although much focus in recent years has been on exploring space and that final frontier, Hencken believes it makes more sense, and offers just as much for the high-end vacationers, to first explore what’s right beneath us.

“We already have the technology to live on the ocean,” he said. And, that technology can be yours – for just a few million dollars.

Adapted from Yahoo news.

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