Fresh Scents Sachet ..Fresh Smell In your Closet



Fresh Scent sachet, like these in the picture.They are paper packets with good smelling stuff inside. You can usually find them in the candle aisle.

After a while the smell gone and of course you threw them away …But Grandma Susan says: don’t waist the contents .You can recycle

Grandma Susan always reuse them!!!! Let me tell you how ..!!!


One old Scent sachet

Small jar with lid

15 drops lavender oil

3 drops vanilla oil

2 drops tea tree oil



Mix all the oils in the jar that you are going to use.

Get the contents of scents sachet  and put it on top of the oils

Mix them well and cover the jar with the lid .

Try to make holes in the lid so the smell will spread out .

You can use them in the bathroom or the closet and

by the way you can use any kind of oils you like ,some like vanilla oil so what you have to do is simple

just add vanilla oil to the contents of the scents sachet mix well and put it a jar with lid

that have some holes in it …I used plastic container and cover it with aluminum foil

took a tooth pick and make holes in it …this was temporary until I get  a jar with lid.

My Grandma used one she used to have pickles in it she washed it very well let it dry

and then she puts oils in it and mix the contents of scents sachet  and it was

Wow …smell fresh especially the bathroom cabinet where she have the towels  .

Thanks Grandma for this lovely idea to save couple dollars.









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