Get attractive eyelashes in five secrets



The long eyelashes is the signs of a woman’s beauty.

1 – Cold water is the best .. Wash your eyes with cold water every day, because the cold water works to revitalize the eyes and eyelashes , also reduces the sense of inflammation or redness in the eye.

2 – Natural oils lengthen eyelashes. Make sure to use natural oils that work on lengthening eyelashes , including castor oil and eucalyptus oil .. Put a small amount of castor oil or eucalyptus oil in your palm of your hand rub them together  to warm the oil , then with your  finger  massage your lashes with emphasis on non-arrival of the oil to the inside of the eye to avoid infection.

3 – Sleep is very necessary .You  Should be able to get enough hours of sleep per day ( about 8 hours) to maintain the freshness of your eyes and lashes

4 – Food ….. Make sure you also beneficial  eat food for the growth of eyelashes , eat  fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins ( a), ( b), (c) , as well as olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.

5.Stay away from bad habits that increase the loss eyelashes, which rub the eye by hand , avoid the sun , especially in the summer, or sleep without removing eye makeup , and if you use  mascara on a daily basis , it is best to skip two days a week without putting mascara to give the opportunity to eyelashes natural to breathe

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