Glass surfaces for counter tops



How do you make a hot kitchen feel cool?

If your kitchen is bathed in natural light, glass surfaces can transform the look of the room

into a patch of blue sky or a reflecting pool.  These  looks so inviting and calming, with

shimmering reflections and edges that look like cascading water.

Cast glass can also add a sense of depth and intrigue to your counter tops with

designs that seem to pulse and shine from within.


Artisan Paul Turzio can also fabricate glass panels, decorative elements,

and shower partitions with etched, sandblasted, or stained glass designs.

He can also help you plan and refine your project

Glass counter tops will guaranty you a healthy food due to glass is a non porous material and hence,

there are no chances of bacteria and mold thriving on glass counter tops.

Keep in mind that glass counter tops are resistant to heat and moisture.

Before buying a new glass counter top take into account that the more thick the glass, stronger it is.














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