Grandma’s Aloe Vera Moisturizer



Grandma Susan plant her own Aloe Vera ..Always seen her in the kitchen cutting small piece

and get off the Aloe Gel but this time she did a moisturizer and I took some for myself to use

it at night and day time too , was amazing ..Try it girl it’s natural and healthy too.

you will need

One  tablespoon of beeswax,

One tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel,

Two tablespoons of lanolin,

A third of a cup of extra virgin olive oil.

You can additionally add some rose water

an essential oil of your choice. For these, just a few drops will do.

Melt the beeswax together with the lanolin in the microwave,

Mix  Aloe Vera gel and olive oil in with the wax mixture, stirring vigorously,

and add the rose water and essential oil.

Continue to briskly stir or whip the mixture until it reaches the consistency that you prefer for lotion.

Pour all of this into a clean container that has a tight fitting lid and you will have your very own

moisturizer to use day or night for about a month.


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