Herbal Mask for Blackheads Removal




10 pieces stem parsley

10 pieces  stem Coriander
10 pieces stem  Peppermint
10 pieces stem Lemon Grass

2 Cups boiled water


You can use  fresh or dry herbs, as you like.And also you can add more herbs like camomile or sage…
Stir all  the ingredients in a boiled water, then wait until the mixture is completely cold.

Save the water for later  and when its cold wash your face with it

Put all the herbs in a blender and blend til  you get smooth mixture.

Apply on your face for 20 minutes, then wash it with the water you saved before follow with regular water.

If you have left over put them in a jar and save them for next time after three days

but if you have this mixture more than three days disregard it and don’t use it.

This herbal mask will clear up the pores, narrow them down and reduce the beachheads.

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