How-To: Repair a Broken Eye Shadow

The eye shadows are so buildable and blendable that it’s hard not to love them, but because they’re so soft, they tend to break. Then you’re left with tiny bits of Kitten all over the place, which means a lot of product goes to waste.
In just three steps, you can rehabilitate your broken shadow and make it as good as new. To find out how to do it, read more.
Here’s how to do it:

  • Step one: Use a clean mascara wand (like the testers at Sephora) or Q-tip to gently scrape away any loose bits of shadow.
  • Step two: Place a Kleenex on top of the broken shadow, then use your index finger to press down on it. Use a series of small pressing motions rather than a few big ones.
  • Step three: Remove the Kleenex, and you should have an intact shadow once again. (I turned mine upside down and it stayed in one piece. Success!)

Simple but effective, right? Don’t forget

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