Ice cube message



I love my skin after this  Ice cube message

For this easy message we need :

A bowl of warm water

A small towel

Some ice cubes usually I used three or four

Moisten towel in warm water not too hot water should be warm that your skin can handle it  and cover it on  your face.

Keep towel over your face till it cool down. Remove the towel and get the  ice cube,start massage  cheeks ,

forehead and neck. Don’t press too strongly it should move smoothly over your skin.

Usually requires two to three pieces of ice cubes.Keep  the towel under your face because the ice cube will melt during this session  and will drops.


After this ice cube message once again put on a warm towel on your face.

Then wash your face in cold water and put natural nourishing cream.

It was always known that ice helps restore youthfulness


Try to do it once a week and see the difference …less wrinkles and more close pores .


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