Ice For your skin



Ice has positive benefits for the skin. Ice cube was not useful only for drinks, but good for the skin of the face.

Just put a piece of ice cubes with cloth in the face, you can get various benefits.

1. Do not put ice directly on the face, because it could damage the delicate capillaries on the face.Wrap the ice with a clean cloth before use.

2. Put ice on the face is a quick way to get face fresh and bright without makeup.Moreover,

it can accelerate the blood circulation and also prevent premature aging wrinkles on the face.

3. Ice minimize large pores on the face and minimize oil production in the face.

Place the ice in cloth and massage into your face every night before sleep.

if  you want make up last long, rub ice before wearing makeup.

4. If you have acne, put the ice cubes with cloth in the acne, as it will reduce the redness and inflammation.

5. Reduce puffy eyes
If you have puffy eyes, try to put some ice cubes in cotton cloth and comperes under eye puffiness.

This relieves the swollen eyes and relaxes the eyes, can also be used for dry eye syndrome.

6. Cold mask
Mix cucumber juice with rose water.Put in the freezer until frozen,

then wrap with a cloth and then rub it into the face, especially under the eyes To reduce wrinkles in the face.

7. Alleviate the effects of the sun on the face
Wrap ice cubes in a cloth and then rub  the face during the stay in the sun  it will reduce the effects of sun exposure on the face.

8. .Ice cubes can shrink large pores and make the facial skin shine.




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