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Miss Libra  have busy social calendars and keep happy by surrounding themselves with adoring friends

Have you ever come across girls who look at you in the eye every time you talk and are constantly interrupting your flow of words with their ‘come to the point’ instructions? Well, those are the ones governed by the sign of scales… I mean Libra. Miss Libra  is brisk, business-like and precise. Miss Libra  dislike dilly dallying and is rarely found to mince words. Libra ladies are graceful and well poised to the point of perfection.


Miss Libra  is  emotional and sensitive. If you are friends with a typical Libra, you would know what a fantastic sense of humor she’s got. And it is a sight to watch her do the balancing act with her constantly tipping scales. All in all, she’s a wonderful person to be with.

Miss Libra  is very romantic and gets totally involved with her man. When in love she can be extremely submissive and adjusting.

With love also comes understanding. Miss Libra  is extremely understanding the feelings and situations of her husband, children, family and friends. She is ever ready to help those she loves. But with people with whom she doesn’t share such a bond, her understanding can be had only with a good amount of reasoning.


It isn’t easy to win the heart of a Libra girl as she has high ideals for the man in her life. She seeks refinement, grace and intelligence (a goodly amount of all these qualities actually!) as well as understanding, sincerity and a balanced outlook towards life in a man. She wants her man to be strong enough to give her the security she needs and tolerant enough to give her the freedom she wants. And above all she wants her man to respect her for what she is.

What is interesting to observe in Miss  Libra  is how her facial expressions change from intense to absolute fun and back to intense within a span of ten minutes. Another giveaway of her identify as a true Libran is the prankster in her. You may not detect the mischief monger in her (this lady can keep a straight face I tell you!) but she is quite prone to playing pranks. If you are the butt of a practical joke among your friends, chances are the mind behind it is that of your Libran female buddy. With her great sense of humour she is excellent company to hang out with. But a Libra girl is also self-obsessed to some extent, which is why she is misunderstood by people around her.

Libra women are extremely fashionable. They are also very adaptive of trends – from shorts and tees at home to evening gowns at cocktail events, a Libra girl can do it all in a day. She is also quite detailed about all aspects of grooming… right down to her manicured fingers, trimmed and polished nails, well set hair, etc

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