Look Younger with hair Tips

We’re often reluctant to change our hair’s color or cut our hair in fear of permanent fails. Although there’s a risk that you won’t like the change you make, the risk of looking years older than you are should be scarier! If you end up not liking a particular haircut, remember that hair does grow back.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to coloring and styling our hair. While some styles and color jobs can age you, others can turn back the clock tremendously. After years of one hairstyle or look, it’s easy to get stuck and become intimidated to make a change. Even a small change, however, can yield a new level of confidence and make you look and feel great!
If your hair is lacking moisture, start by giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment like Olive Oil  Deep Conditioner. Dry curls can look quite dull and can really add years onto your look. On wash days, try moisturizing it  with mayonnaise. 
Make sure to keep moisture as a priority after adding color.

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