Losing weight using coconut oil…

Coconut-Oil-Health-Benefits nm

Coconut oils helps you lose fat and maintain lose weight ..

read below how it will help you and try it .

.But as I know for some bodies it worked perfect and for others

only they got nice skin..

1. It keeps you fuller longer: Coconut oil may be fatty, but thanks to the fat,

by adding it to food you’ll feel fuller quicker. The appetite suppression also helps

you consume fewer calories throughout the day!

2. It boosts your metabolism: The body immediately uses coconut oil due to its

medium-chain fatty acids. The triglycerides found in this oil are quickly absorbed by

the body which makes it easier to convert into energy. Long-chain fatty acids have a harder

time breaking down in the body which is why they get stored as stubborn fat.

3. You won’t have a sugar crash: Do you ever notice how hard you crash when you

go on diets where you deprive yourself of carbs and sugar? Coconut oil keeps you from

crashing since it maintains your blood sugar leveled.

4. It helps you maintain a healthy thyroid: If you have thyroid issues you know that you either have a hard time

losing weight or gaining weight. Hormones affected by saturated fats are what end up affecting the thyroid but

coconut oil won’t have the same negative effect. If you have a sluggish thyroid you’ll be glad to know that

coconut oil unlike other saturated fats doesn’t do further damage to your gland.

5. It lowers bad cholesterol levels: Those bad cholesterol levels that remain raised due to saturated fats,

will be of no worry to you anymore. Coconut oil lowers the bad and raises the good “HDL” cholesterol levels.

As with any diet regimen, consult with your doctor first and although you can reap many benefits from

coconut oil–watch your intake. Going overboard with any fat can result in weight gain when it’s best to add

some only gradually into your diet.



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