We all  know that flour helps to whiten the skin .

 Milk powder is  rich in vitamins,it is  necessary for the health of the skin ,

and do not forget tomatoes that  tighten pores ,rosewater of it’s  benefits to refresh the skin  and finally water cloves

(Soak  cloves with warm water for an hour) Cloves is a good source to  treat pimples.

1 –  2 small Tomatoes
2 Tablespoon flour
3 – A spoonful of milk powder  ,I used Nido
4 Spoonful of rosewater
5 Spoonful of  water cloves
Note – It must be a smooth mixture

Peel tomatoes and mash them.Add all the
ingredients and mix well till you get smooth mixture,

place it on your  face for 25 to 35 minutes

Wash with warm water …If you suffer from pimples do it twice a week .



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