Milk & Oatmeal Herbal Bath


Nothing feels better on sore muscles than a peaceful soak in a bathtub!

1 cup organic Milk
1 cup organic Oatmeal
1 handful fresh Chamomile flowers or 2 TBSP dried
1 handful fresh Lavender flowers or 2 TBSP dried
1 sprig fresh Rosemary or 1 TBSP dried

Place oatmeal and herbs into a cloth or muslin bag and tie under the tub faucet.

Turn hot water on and allow it to run through the bag so that the bathwater

will be infused with the healing properties of the herbs and oatmeal.

Once that the bathwater has reached desired temperature, pour the milk directly in.

You can continue to use the bag like a washcloth and rub it along your skin,

especially in areas that need some extra care!


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