Mom is the best best friend that I ever had





The more I grow ,the more I realize that my Mom is the best best friend that I ever had.

And now my Mama is my hero.

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Some go through a rough childhood, only to overcome terrible obstacles and raise their daughters in a harmonious household.

Their daughter’s childhood is not affected by what these mothers went through. These mothers are the women that young girls call mamí. In this sense,

young girls consider these women as the most inspirational person they hope to become.

Being a mom is a blessing from God but it is often the hardest thing any female will ever do.

There are no manuals on how to raise these tiny pieces of humanity. Not that we usually read manuals, in fact we are known to toss them aside instantly. However, if
there was any manual we will ever hope to have a chance at reading it would be “The Mother’s Guide.” Of course, since we would possibly love to read it then it probably doesn’t exist.
Not only are there no manuals but there are no vacation, sick or PTO days. No department to complain to when hours go way beyond exhaustion.No one to hear the complain and no one to treat the stress .

It’s just one crash course lesson leaving you becoming a:

Nurse, Teacher, Alarm clock, Cook, Maid, Waitress, Referee, Handyman, Security officer, Photographer, Counselor, Chauffeur, Event planner, Hairdresser, Personal assistant, Secretary, ATM,Doctor, Story creator and Dictionary.
Sometimes a simple pat on the back and thank you is just enough to help you crawl through another day of ordinary though. The fact they set a whole day aside just shows how relevant mothers are to society.

There are no true right or wrongs except silence.Here are just a few of the items not to give to your mom however.

NO, NO list:

1. Having to clean up the dinner dishes
2. A receipt or bill of something fabulous someone else received other than other Mom.
3. Anything with more than four legs (unless that something has cold skin, in which case leg count doesn’t matter.
4. An argument
5. A frying pan
6. A cactus
7. Ugly clothes that is either too small or too large.
8. Oven Mitts
9. Having to cook dinner
10. A weighing scale
11. A vacuum
12. Zilch – silence from those she has worked hard to raise!
Please thank the one woman that helped with all your stepping stones along the way. That’s it, drop your controller and spend some time with her.




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