Natural – juice – to – loose – body fat – especially belly area



Juice to loose abdominal fat  ,  its an easy recipe, effective and delicious drink.

You can even drink 5 glasses per day.


 4 Kiwi

1/4 teaspoon powder cloves. 

 2 apples.  

1 pear. 

 1 Mint (a bunch)

 2 lemon juice.(Two whole lemon squeeze the juice and add it to the ingredients)

 5 glasses of water.

Mix all ingredients together and blend them in a blender,

and drink  daily one cup before breakfast ,

lunch and  before dinner.Also  Drink one cup before bedtime .

You can drink the rest on the second day .

.Drink it for one month and see how much weight you lost ,

keep drinking until you reach your goal, and then reduce the amount

of drinking to one glass before breakfast.



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