Natural Relaxer for your hair

Coconut oil strengthens the hair. Castor oil gives the hair health and will get longer.

Olive oil makes the hair shiny (non-greasy) and almond oil nourishes the hair.


Equal amounts of:
_ Coconut oil.
_ Castor oil.
_ Olive oil.
_ Almond oil.
Wash your hair with shampoo you use,   leave it to dry .

The preparation of the mixture are as follows:

Put all the oils in a jar.
Mix all the oils together.

The amount of oils should be enough for your hair of course for short hair you

mix small amounts for longer you should use more oils.
After mixing the oils together put them in the   microwave for a few seconds

until the oil is warm because the warm oil opens the pores of the scalp.
Smoothly  massage the scalp and then the whole hair with the mixture ,

Now cover it with warm cloth or plastic bag  and leave on for at least tow to three hours

If you can leave it overnight this will be more than perfect the oils will work to smooth the hair .

.it’s natural relaxer ..Try it and let me know the difference ..
Do this mask  at least once a week and you’ll notice the difference quickly.

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