Natural shampoo for your hair…

 Hey gorgeous,
 As you know climate damage our hairs no matter what we  are doing, most of us know that Aloe Vera is number one for hair and skin for ages ,I remember my grandma words she use to say “aloe Vera is a good food for your hair and skin if you know how to use it “. This kind of shampoo is well treatment for the scalp and the hair to grow faster and healthier use it once a week and see the difference…

1 Lemon
1 Medium Sized Cucumber
1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera

  It sounds crazy but peel one lemon yeah peel! And one medium-sized cucumber put them into a blender along with the aloe Vera and blend until you get a smooth paste now put it on your scalp and scrub!scrub for five minutes   And then rinse really well.

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