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Blue makeup around the eyes is, of course, nothing new. But makeup trends come and peaks and troughs and, since 2012, blue eye makeup has been gradually peaking. First on the runways – Stella McCartney and Anna Sui did much with blue eye makeup for spring 2012 – and increasingly in editorials. In 2013, the colour dominates, expanding into a wider array of the shade and into something that’s more vibrant. – See more at:
Blue makeup around the eyes is, of course, nothing new.

Blue looks best on women with fair skin and black or platinum hair color and brown or gray eyes.

It also works well on women with very dark skin.

It’s best to use two shadows, a light and a dark.

Pick a soft color for the entire eye area up to the browbone and then use the darker color in your eye’s crease.

1. Prime the eye.

Apply your favorite eye shadow primer to your lid, up to the brow and to the lower lash line. Apply a dark base to your lid and lower lash line.

2. Blending color.

Apply a baby blue shade into the crease with a fluffy brush to help the darker blues blend easier.

3. Apply the navy.

Take a dark navy shade that is matte or satin and apply it to the inner and outer corner of the lid and bring it into the crease. Leave the center of the lid free.

4. Lower lash line.

Apply the navy shade to the inner third and outer third of the lower lash line leaving then center free. Use the baby blue to help blend out the edges.

5. Lid color.

Apply the baby blue to the empty space on the center of the lid and lower lash line. Blend it into the navy on the sides.

6. Shimmer on the lid.

Over the baby blue on the lid and lower lash line, apply an icy blue duo-chrome for some shimmer.

7. Highlight.
    Apply a nude shade to the brow bone to help blend out the edges. Highlight the brow bone further with a matte white. Apply a shimmery silvery white to the inner corner.
 8. Finish the look.

Apply a little bit of a matte black to the inner and outer corner to darken the look. Apply your liner to the upper lash line and waterline. Finish off with mascara and you’re done 🙂

eye with bright blue eyeshadow
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