Oat meal, Honey and Onion Mask


 Oat meal, Honey and Onion Mask:

Onion juice may sound as a very disgusting odor to some but this mask has great efficiency

if you can really prepare and use it on your  skin tolerating the smell.

Grate a small onion and get the paste sort of juice out of it about 4 tsp

boil 1 cup of non sweet and non flavored, plain oat meal.

When it’s cooked thoroughly, strain out the water and keep it to cool.

In a blender, mix up this cooked oat meal adding to it the onion paste with its juice to a fine paste.

Now add 1 teaspoon of  honey to it and mix it well.

Apply on the skin for about 20-30 minutes and rinse off with  water

If this mask proves beneficial to you may use it twice a week  and store  the left over

up to 7 days in the refrigerator in an air tight container.



You can mix dry roasted and grinned clove powder about half a teaspoon to  the above mixtures.

And you may also mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to it.

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