Orange – Scrub – For – Sensitive – Skin

A good exfoliation helps to get rid of dead cells, and  dirt on the face.

Banana and avocado scrub for dry skin, orange or lemon scrub for oily skin, peach and strawberry for sensitive skin.



Fruit Facial is suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive skin. It contains natural fruit acids and extracts,

which is natural and has no side effects. The fruit facial hydrates and moisturizes the skin naturally.

It removes the dead cells and gives you an instant glow naturally.

Fruits such as plums, oranges and peaches contain high amounts of vitamin C,

which provide a glow to your face.They also contain anti oxidants which helps to fight the signs of aging.

Papaya and banana helps to remove the tan.Strawberries help to get rid of the blemishes and dark spots.


Thus the fruit facial hydrates, polishes and shines your skin giving you youthful glow.

Orange scrub

In 3 teaspoon of fresh orange juice,

add 2 teaspoon of oats and form a paste.

Scrub gently on your face with circular motions. Wash off after 5 minutes.

This is suitable for oily and combination skin.Do it once a week.



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