Pinky and rosy Lips without the use of lipstick

We’ll show you today an easy recipe sure to make your lips looks perfect without using lip gloss. And now followers this all you need to get rosy lips naturally  .Try it  and tell us the results ..


_ Vaseline.

_  Some Of natural lemon juice.

An easy and simple way, as follows:

Use a touch of Vaseline on your lips before going to sleep. Spread it well  and smoothly and go to sleep leave it on all night

In the morning get fresh lemon juice and spread on your lips.

leave it for five minutes then rinse it with warm water ,you will be amazed how your lips getting softer and getting color naturally.

Trace this way daily you will notice the results , and it will make your lips  pinky and rosy without the use of lipstick or lip gloss..

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