Pomegranate Face mask for anti aging



Hi Divas,

Grandma Susan recommend this mask for tired skin ,if you have acne  –  this mask is perfect for you. As we know pomegranate heel acne and stop them try to use fresh juice it works perfect .

Just put some drops on a  cotton ball  and spread it  over your face  in gentle circles on the infected area and after a week or 2 you will see the difference.

Pomegranate and Honey this mask prevent aging .

Pomegranate seeds are very sharp that’s why you need to blend them ..Use A blender to mix the ingredients.

Make a nice paste out of a few pomegranate seeds and add in 1 tbsp of honey to it.

Mix well and apply on the face and neck and keep on for 30 minutes.

Do this two to three times a week and notice the glow in a few days time.


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