Quinoa Facial Mask For Anti-Aging




6 oz plain yogurt,

¼ cup of Quinoa cereal

2 drops of Mimosa oil 

2 egg yolks.

 Cook the Quinoa cereal in soy milk over medium-low heat. Once cooked, allow the mixture to cool.

The soy milk offers nourishing properties to the skin, including the ability to repair sun damages,

improve the skin’s elasticity and releases acids and energy into the epidermis for strength.

After your Quinoa cereal and soy milk is cooled, pour it into a blender and add the remaining ingredients and blend well.

Mimosa oil works to regenerate tired and dull skin, stimulates the immune system and improves the skin’s healing process.

The two egg yolks add rich levels of vitamin E and F, as well as its own nourishing and stimulating properties to the skin.


After blending the ingredients together, apply the facial mask to your face and neck. Leave the facial mask about 10-20 minutes.

 When the time is up, simply rinse off the facial mask with warm water, pat dry and apply moisturizer as needed.

Using this nourishing facial mask once a week will quickly get your complexion back in shape in a way that is natural and effective.

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