Rejuvenating Carrot Mask for All Skin Types

Rejuvenating Honey Carrot Facial Mask for All Skin Types

For Younger Brighter Looking Skin


When my skin is looking dull I like to make my homemade rejuvenating honey carrot facial mask.
It contains potent antioxidants and vitamins in it that help rejuvenate skin cells while fighting off
free radical cells that cause aging and dull skin. I have even found it to be moisturizing and soothing
to my dry skin.
The organic ingredients used in this rejuvenating honey carrot facial mask are:
1 cooked mashed up carrot2 tablespoons of honey

4 drops of liquid vitamin E oil

ΒΌ teaspoon of aloe Vera gel


The way you would make it is by taking the mashed up carrot, honey,

vitamin E and aloe and mix them together in a small bowl until you get a gooey thick orange paste.

If you find the mask to be to runny you can add oat flour to help thicken it.

The best time to apply the facial mask to your face is right after you have cleansed it with your

daily facial cleanser. Take a handful of the mask with your fingertips and apply a nice thick even

layer to your skin and face. Once the mask is on , leave it on for 30 minutes to get the best results.

It should help brighten up, tone up, firm up, moisturize, rejuvenate and nourish your skin .

You can use this homemade facial mask 3 to 4 times per week to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


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