Sage – Bath – To- Clean- Body- Pores



Sage bath for your body

Here’s how it works :

Ingredients: –

10 cups of boiling water

5 tbsp of dried sage leaf….If you don’t have leaves get sage oil and use 20 drops.

2 tbsp of salt

2 tablespoon of  baking soda .

2 tbsp grated soap (I used Dove)

2 tbsp of corn  starch.

Preparation and use : –

Boil water in a pot ,  add the sage , then cover the pot  and let it  boil for 15 minutes ,

, and leave covered for an hour.

Then drain the boiled water.

Take 5 cups of sage boiled water mix it with salt, baking  soda , soap ,and  starch , mix it well.

Add this mixture to the bath water and relax in it for 10-15 minutes, after this period, add

the rest of sage boiled water to bath water , and stay relaxed in sage bath for another 15 minutes .

It must  get good results, use it in two phases , as stated above ,

Since the first normal bath works to  get rid  of toxins

While  sage bath  revitalize the body after cleaning the pores

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