Salt mask for the renewal of skin cells

Salt mask for the renewal of skin cells

For more shiny skin  in the  summer I advise you to do the salt mask Salt is a good source for  renewal of skin cells.
But warns the owners of sensitive skin  don’t use it unless you try in a small area .

Salt helps the body to remove dead skin and purify the skin and stimulate blood circulation,
This is done by massaging the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankles coarse with salt before
Warm bath he is working on the smoothness of the skin and gives you a shine
It also helps to drying small cuts in the skin .

Here is the recipe salt for the renewal of skin cells.


3 tablespoons fine salt
Towel medium white”  
 rose water  
 warm water


Wet the  towel well and then spread the salt on the surface of the towel
Evenly, then gently rub the face ​​the forehead
Nose and chin and then rinse the face with lukewarm water mixed with rose water.

You can use the same recipe for the body to remove roughness and darken spots of the skin
To replace the  salt you can use sand while you are at the beach take some sand home  and rub elbows area, shoulders, knees and ankles sand has a lot minerals that will help the skin to be soft and clean.

It depends on the strength of the ingredients and the sensitivity of your skin. One
sweeping recommendation is to give yourself a facial mask once a week to keep your skin
cleansed, toned, and refreshed. But you might want to use some masks less often than
that (if you feel that a particular mask really strips your skin of oils, for example), and others more often (like an infused oil that calms and hydrates). Pay attention to how your own skin reacts. It’ll quickly let you know what it needs and when

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